About us!

Welcome at Fam Can.

We are a company specialized in importing and exporting oriental and international foodstuffs from different countries Such as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, UAE, Turkey, Sri Lanka and other countries.

We are agents for some Arabic and Eastern products in Germany and Europe.

We are honored to invite you to shop within our vast warehouse and rich in Oriental and international products And to see that our prices are competitive and very suitable to suit all categories We also offer you the delivery service to your shops wherever you are within the European Union.

We are pleased to inform you that we are ready to support start-up shops with planning, consulting and advice as a service from us to have you as our partners and as a part of our company bases.

Our Goals

We aspire and strive for the convenience of our customers by providing all the best quality and exclusive foodstuffs.

Shopping through our website gives you the easiest way to reach us and browse all our products, you can buy it while and you are inside your shop to receive you order at the right time.

Our Vision

Through this service we seek to cover all parts of Germany and neighboring countries.